6 Top Shopify Plugins for Your New Product Launch

The eCommerce platform, Shopify, gives anyone the ability to put up their own online store in a matter of minutes. Many applications and plugins have been created in the world of eCommerce to help new stores establish themselves quickly. Discover the 6 best Shopify plugins to support your growth in eCommerce.

Easyship Shipping Platform

Easyship is a cloud-based shipping platform. It helps empower ecommerce brands to optimize logistics, decrease shipping costs, and reach new and existing customers on a global scale. Upon signup, merchants immediately gain access to over 250 shipping solutions. You also get label generation, dynamic rates at checkout, full visibility to taxes and duty, and unlimited integrations with other leading eCommerce platforms. Discover cost-effective shipping solutions >>


ClearCo is a great connection to have when it comes to covering expenses for your Shopify store. ClearCo helps you generate your custom funding capacity based on your revenue in the past 6 months, as well as funding and managing invoices. ClearCo also allows revenue-based flexibility, allowing you to pay as you generate sales and slow repayments down if revenue is down. Get funding today >>


ReCharge Payments powers repeatable transactions for subscription brands. With this plugin, you can quickly connect your subscription programs to your tech and payment processors. For customer management, you can manage their subscriptions with SMS and customer portals. Furthermore, ReCharge also reduces customer churn, boosts brand loyalty, and measures performance. Customers can skip or delay deliveries, or swap products for others. Create seamless subscriptions >>


Turn your customer service into a profit center with Gorgias. While talking to your customers all their data regarding orders, subscriptions, and payments are available for editing, modification, and refunding. You can give your customers a personalized shopping experience regardless of where they are. Gorgias allows you to engage with your customers by using ads to answer their questions. You can use social media, text messages, and live chat to track all sales from your customers. Grow through exceptional customer service >>


Stamped is a review and loyalty platform for ecommerce. Build your brand credibility by giving your customers a voice! Stamped gives ecommerce brands the ability to stand out by creating tools that help build trust and loyalty between brands and consumers. Consumers can leave reviews and ratings, as well as join points programs that reward your customers for engaging with you. Accelerate your brand growth with reviews and loyalty >>


Kickbooster’s Referral Marketing tool is a leading solution in the crowdfunding industry that helps creators raise more funds towards their campaign while enabling affiliates to earn a commission on successful pledges made through them. Manage your backers’ pledges and continue raising funds even after your campaign has ended with Kickbooster’s Pledge Manager. Enjoy streamlined order management, unlimited fundraising potential, and simplified fulfillment all in one place. 

Kickbooster’s referral marketing software is complementary to other services provided by Rainfactory. We have successfully worked together with Kickbooster on over 100 crowdfunding campaigns and the number continues to grow! Leverage a global network of promoters to expand the reach of your live campaign >>

Rainfactory Shopify Experts

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