4 Steps for Running Meta Shops Ads with Advantage+ Shopping

Are you looking to get the most out of your online advertising efforts? Are you striving to create a seamless shopping experience for shoppers as they move between search engines and other platforms like Google, Bing, or social media? If so, then running MetaShops Ads along with Advantage+ Shopping could be exactly what you need. 

According to Meta, incorporating Shops ads into your Advantage+ shopping campaigns is highly recommended for optimal performance. Managing both can be intimidating at first, but if done correctly it can prove to be an effective way for eCommerce stores to reach their target audiences. In this article we’ll show you how to run Meta Shops Ads with Advantage+ Shopping in just 4 easy steps. Keep reading as we break down what it takes!

Shops ads can be accessed through manual sales campaigns or automated Advantage+ shopping campaigns, which offer a portfolio solution for performance marketers.

The 4 steps on How to Run Meta Shops Ads along with Advantage+ Shopping:

To extend Shops ads to your existing campaigns, duplicate them and select:

  1. “Sales” as your campaign objective. 
  2. “Advantage+ shopping campaign” (or ‘Manual sales campaign’) as the campaign set up.
  3. “Website and shop” as the conversion location.
  4. You can find more details at the end of this Shops ads setup guide by Meta.

We are also excited to share exciting performance results across early testers of Shops ads. In Meta analyses, Shops ads campaigns outperformed website-only campaigns, on average, by 16% better CPA for dynamic ads and by 23% better CPA for static ads. 

We look forward to partnering with you on those next steps. Contact us to set up a conversation with our advertising experts!

Tips to Further Boost Your Performance

To make sure your Shop is set up to drive performance, there are few extra steps that you can take.

Ensure All Your Items are Synching to Your Catalog

By making a consistent selection of products available in your Facebook or Instagram shop, you can build trust and confidence in your brand among customers, regardless of where they choose to make their purchases.

Check for Issues Blocking Item Visibility

You should also identify the issues blocking the visibility of any items in your Shop and resolve them in the Commerce Manager. You can follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Commerce Manager account
  • Open the Catalog tab and go to Issues
  • Check for an error called “Items not showing” and select Review
  • Click the V down arrow next to any issues listed to see a sample of items affected

There are various reasons on why these issues may occur, from policy violations to the size of the product image. You can see Meta’s Guide on How to resolve issues blocking your item’s visibility in Shops.

Check Your Offer Status

Offers can be a powerful marketing tool to encourage customers to make a purchase. Making sure any promotional offers on your website are reflected in your shop is also a step you shouldn’t miss.

How to Add and Manage Offers on Shopify

If you’re on Shopify, you can follow this best practice on managing offers according to Meta:

1. Shopify admin on desktop: Select the discounts you want to sync to your Facebook and Instagram shops when you create or edit a discount on the Discounts page.

2. Shopify iOS or Android app: Discount codes created via the Shopify iOS or Android apps will be synced to Facebook and Instagram as ‘secret’ codes, meaning they won’t be publicly merchandised on buyer facing surfaces. You can manage the visibility of these codes from Shopify admin on desktop.

3. Commerce Manager Offers tab: You can visit the Offers tab within Commerce Manager to view which of your discount codes have synced to your Facebook and Instagram shops

4. Create an ad that sends people to your website and shop, turn on the “offer” option in the Ad Creative section and select an existing offer or create a new one in Commerce Manager.

Are you ready to boost your sales with Meta Shops ads with Advantage+? Get in touch with us today!