Shopify Shop Pay Installments

Shopify Shop Pay Installments – How it Works

Great news to e-commerce businesses on Shopify and their customers! Shopify has launched a new initiative to make shopping lighter on the pocket – Shopify Shop Pay Installments. They partnered with Affirm, an established Buy Now, Pay Later provider. This allows consumers to pay for their purchase in four equal payments without any added interest!

Succeed on Shopify

9 Big Ideas for How to Succeed on Shopify

Shopify is an emerging ecommerce platform like no other. With a continuously growing user base of over 820,000, the competition is stiff in establishing your online empire. The struggle to succeed on the Shopify platform is one of the most commonly asked questions that we think need to be answered. In this article, we dive deep on how to succeed on the Shopify platform.

Crowdfunding Consultant

Should You Hire A Crowdfunding Consultant For Your Campaign?

You may think hiring a crowdfunding consultant is pricey, but your return on investment for this may be far greater than what you think. Crowdfunding is a lucrative platform and having the guidance of an experienced crowdfunding consultant can help double your potential earnings and ensure a smooth sailing campaign. Learn exactly what a crowdfunding consultant can assist you with.

6 Key Marketing Channels to Enable Product Exposure

6 Key Marketing Channels to Promote Your Products

There are many channels you can use to promote your eCommerce store, and each channel may serve a different purpose for your brand. It is important to test the markets and scope out your competitors to develop a refined strategy to your specific category.

Facebook Messenger Bot

5 Ways to Leverage a Facebook Bot for Lead Generation

Our Co-Founder, Kaitlyn Witman, had the chance to share her thoughts on Facebook Messenger bots with In this article, Kaitlyn had 5 key points on why you should look into using this up and coming tool to your advantage.