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Join Rainfactory In Helping Provide Food and Books to Kids Affected by COVID-19

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Schools, Childcare, & Jobs are Closed Across the Country due to COVID-19

Over 30 million children are now stuck at home without access to school breakfast and lunches, books and, in rural America, computers, broadband, or even print-outs from schools.

They Need Our Help

Why Rainfactory?

Simple. We’re crowdfunding experts, and we know we can make the biggest difference here with crowdfunding. We are working to channel every available resource to making a positive impact.

Why Crowdfunding?

Simple. It’s quick. It puts up a countdown timer and a goal to reach. It gets thousands to work together all at once, and it allows us to do it all right now.

Why Save The Children?

Simple. They are the most equipped team to handle this particular issue*

*As the global leader in child-focused humanitarian response,
Save the Children mobilized immediately to provide support, including medical supplies and preparedness training to the most vulnerable regions impacted by coronavirus. Save the Children is working around the clock to keep vulnerable children in sponsorship communities healthy, safe, and protected during the pandemic.

During this Time, We’re Focusing Our Efforts on Two Key Areas:

Keep Kids Fed

Ensuring that children have access to healthy, nourishing meals while they are out of school. 

Keep Kids Learning

Providing activities, books, and resources to STEM learning loss for out-of-school children.

We Need to Work Together to Drive as Much Awareness and as Many Donations as We Can Until Life Goes Back to Normal

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